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General FAQs


  • Where can I find instructions for my Sova?

    Each Sova device comes with an instruction booklet. The Instruction Booklets can be found here: Manuals

  • What if the vibration is too strong for me?

    If the vibration is too strong, try a different setting that may be lower or a different pattern. If the sensation is still too strong try re-positioning your Sova so a different part of it is in contact with your body. Also, try using your Sova while wearing undergarments to help create a more gentle vibration.

  • Can I use lubricants with my Sova?

    Water based lubricants are recommended with this device. Some silicone and oil based lubricants can degrade the silicone material and should not be used.

  • Can I use my Sova in the shower?

    All Sova devices are washable; however they are not not intended for use in the shower or bath tub.

  • How do I know my Sova is safe?

    Sova devices are body safe, non-toxic, phthalate-free and made with FDA approved silicone.

  • How should I clean and care for my Sova?

    Clean your Sova device before first use and between uses thereafter with warm water and mild antibacterial soap or a rubber and silicone friendly vibrator cleaner. Dry completely with a soft, lint-free cloth. While cleaning, avoid submerging the device into water as it is not a waterproof device. Do not allow water to enter the battery compartment. Do not clean with boiling water or wash it in the dishwasher as extreme temperatures may damage the device.

  • What if I do not like the product and would like to return the item?

    If you experience any issues or concerns with your Sova please call 888-844-6763 or email

  • How long is the warranty?

    One year. Products Plus LLC warrants this product against any defects that are due to faulty material or workmanship for a one-year period from the original date of consumer purchase. This warranty does not include damage to the product resulting from accident or misuse. If the product should become defective within the warranty period, we will replace it free of charge, if deemed a warranty defect. For all warranty questions or comments: Call 888-844-6763 or email

  • Can I use my Sova in another country?

    Yes, si, oui! Voltages:

    COMMANDO = 100-240V (50/60Hz)
    THE MULTI = 100-240V (50/60Hz)


  • How do I turn on my Sova?

    ME, MYSELF & I: Quickly press the On/Off button to start the device
    COMMANDO: Firmly press and hold the On/Off button for 1 second to turn on the device.
    THE MULTI: Firmly press and hold the On/Off button for 1 second to turn on the device.

  • How can I use my Sova?

    ME, MYSELF & I: Internal, external, great for partner play and solo play
    COMMANDO: Use vibrator as stand-alone device or to add some spice to partner play use with remote control functionality. Remote also vibrates so your partner knows what your feeling and can use it as a vibrator.
    THE MULTI: Discover your favorite attachment depending on your mood. The basic attachment is great for internal and external stimulation. The attachment with different length extensions is great simultaneously providing internal & external stimulation. The attachment with symmetrical sides is great for focused stimulation around the clitoris.

  • What is the run time for my Sova?

    ME, MYSELF & I: 2.5 hours
    COMMANDO: 45 minutes
    THE MULTI: 45 minutes

  • What is the Recharge time for my Sova?

    COMMANDO: 2.0 hours
    THE MULTI: 2.0 hours


  • Why won't my Sova turn on?

    Check that the battery is fully charged. Press on/off button firmly for 1 second.

  • Why doesn't The Multi base light up when charging?

    The base indicator light may take up to 3 seconds to light up when plugged in.

  • I put new batteries in and my device won't turn on?

    Check that the batteries are inserted correctly.