Top 10 Adventurous Hookup Spots

Friday, August 12, 2016 1:00 PM

Being spontaneous and hooking up in a new place is a great way to add a spark to your relationship. Don't worry, you don't have roll in the waves on a beach in some exotic foreign land to be adventurous. Exciting hook up spots are all around you if you're willing to leave your inhibitions in the bedroom. But be safe, don't trespass, follow the law, and most importantly, remember that your pleasure is still a priority regardless of your location!

1. In a Tent

There's nothing like the great outdoors to bring out your animalistic side. Glamp it up with a leopard print negligee and try not to scare the bears with your growls and roars.

2. Every Room in your House

From the couch to the kitchen counter, make sure to check off every room of your house. And don't worry, if you're in a tight space like your closet where there's not enough room to get horizontal, walls make great support!

3. On the Washer

While it's on the spin cycle of course. If you're looking for even more vibration break out THE COMMANDO. This chic and elegant vibrator is the perfect addition to any steamy location, and the remote works from as far as 10 feet away.

4. In the Air

Have you always wanted to join the exclusive Mile High Club? Lucky for you, there are now companies that offer private flights with a bed for a 30 to 90 minute romantic escapade in the sky.

5. On the Hood of a Car

Who doesn't want to fulfill that fantasy of being the star of an 80s rock video?

6. In a Sleeper Train

Make him think the train has jumped the tracks when you rock his world in the bunk of your private sleeping compartment.

7. On a Boat

Whether you're on a cruise or in a rented speed boat, there's nothing like a cool breeze and the motion of the ocean to rev your motor.

8. In the Pool or Hot Tub

If you like it wet and wild, suggest to your partner that you go skinny dipping and see where things lead.

9. At your Folk’s House

There's something so naughty about sneaking away from dinner to your old childhood bedroom and having a little fun under the posters of your teen heart throbs.

10. In a Barn

On hay of course to fulfill your ultimate romance novel fantasy!

*Make sure you are in a safe, private place before taking on an adventurous hookup spot. Sova does not endorse illegal activity and encourages customers to review all applicable laws and regulations to ensure their own compliance.