Games To Play With The CommandO

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 11:00 AM

Searching for new erotic adventures solo or with your partner? Be sure to bring THE COMMANDO on your next expedition. This discreet device is not only a thrilling toy on its own, it also includes an easy-to-use, wireless remote control.

When you choose your own adventure with THE COMMANDO, you'll quickly find that you're always just a click away from reaching new heights of passionate pleasure!

Play by Yourself

Can't find anyone to play with or just in need of some alone time? Playing by yourself means you can take all the time you need to experiment and find out which of THE COMMANDO's six levels of vibration will bring you the most intense excitement.

With the vibrator secured in place and the remote in your hand, try out all the different combinations. Maybe you'll like light continuous vibration (low) followed by quick, rapid pulsation (amp). Or intense continuous vibration (high) followed by flutter vibration (entice). You won't know until you try them all, and boy will you have fun trying!

Secret Lingerie

Bedroom Games

Of course you can always test out the settings of your device with your partner. Trust us, your partner will enjoy figuring out what vibrations you enjoy most as much as you will. Just make sure to give plenty of verbal or nonverbal clues (we're talking moans and groans here) when you find a setting you really like. This is one case where you won't mind if your partner hogs the remote.

Here are a few other ideas to spark your excitement with your partner in the bedroom.

  • Have your partner tie you up and blindfold you. The excitement is in not knowing when your partner will turn the vibrator, and you, on.

  • Maintaining eye contact can be just as hot as being blindfolded. Since THE COMMANDO wireless remote works up to 10 feet away, have your partner sit across the room. Keep your eyes locked so your partner can see just how much you're enjoying yourself.

  • Are you up for multi-tasking? No reason why you can't please your partner while your partner is working the remote for you.

Play Outside

Now that you've played around at home, we hope you're daring enough to try some fun and games with your partner in public. THE COMMANDO is whisper-quiet so you can take a walk on the wild side almost anywhere. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Play Outside

  • The element of surprise is always a great way to spice up a relationship, and a long train ride. Imagine your partner's shock when you discreetly hand him the remote in a packed train car. Everyone will think you're just commuting to work. No one will suspect intense pleasure is your destination!

  • Surprise your partner with a night away from the routine at a local hotel. When you stop by the hotel bar to enjoy a quick and erotic cocktail before heading upstairs, slip the remote into your partner's pocket.

  • Enjoy a night of sexy salsa dancing. Only you and your partner will know your seductive dance moves are being inspired by your wireless vibrator.
  • Slip away during a romantic dinner to the ladies room with the vibrator tucked away in your purse. When you come back to the table whisper that you're ready for the games to begin. You'll be saying "check please" long before the dessert is served.

Whether you like to play indoors or out we hope you have fun choosing your own adventure and seducing your imagination. Leave your inhibitions behind so the only thing you have to worry about is if your vibrator is fully charged.

Your friends,

The Sovaettes