The 10 Steps For Steamy Summer Fling

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 1:00 PM

Looking to have a blast and find some summer lovin'? Just follow the steps below to make sure your casual fling is a summer blockbuster, not a summer flop.

Step 1: Communicate Expectations
Is this a one night stand or will it last all summer? Will you be seeing other people? How often will you be hooking up? Is one of you hoping this will turn into something more? Be clear about what you're expecting (and not expecting) from this relationship and ask your partner to do the same.

Step 2: Stay In The Present
Dr. Jeremy Nicholson of Psychology Today claims that just by bringing up the right topics on a date you can steer away from love territory and in a more lusty direction. Instead of talking about "their long-term future life plans, goals, aspirations," get your date to talk about "What excites them right there and then (e.g. the food is great, the music is exciting, etc.)."

Step 3: Fly Solo
Go on an adventure vacation with a tour company that caters to single travelers. When you're a solo traveler, you're more likely to make connections with new people. Hopefully those people will be tan and have sexy foreign accents!

Step 4: Give Your Time, Not Gifts
Small tokens of affection are okay, but be sure to tell your summer lover you're not looking for gifts and all that he can expect for his birthday is a spanking.

Step 5: Break Out the Sex Toys
Everyone knows that toys = fun! Summer flings are all about indulging in your every desire, so don't be afraid to get what you want in bed.

Step 6: Just Say No to Meeting the Folks
A clear sign that your summer fling has turned into a fall romance is when he invites you to spend Thanksgiving with his parents. Don't introduce him to your family and don't be his date to his sister's wedding.

Step 7: Leave Your Toothbrush at Home
The unspoken rule that you've moved into "relationship" territory is when you start leaving your things behind at his place. It may be more convenient, but do you really want to send a message that your one step closer to moving in together?

Step 8: Don't be Tempted to Say Those Three Little Words
No matter how moved you are during the height of passion, resist the urge. If you find that you can't resist, you may need go back to Step 1 and re-communicate your expectations about where your summer fling is headed.

Step 9: Avoid Coworkers or Neighbors
Unless your coworker is a summer intern, avoid anyone that you know you'll see daily when the leaves start changing colors.

Step 10: Know When to Fold 'Em
September 21 is the official end of summer, so mark that date in both of your calendars so everyone is clear that the hot hookups won't last forever.