Top 10 Sexiest Gifts

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 10:30 AM

You can never go wrong with sexy and sweet baby doll lingerie. Buy one in festive red for a holiday surprise that would make Santa Claus blush.

Do an online search for the top sellers in erotic literature and you’ll soon find out that there are more colors in the world than just grey. Buy her a new eBook reader and load it up with books so that when life gets hectic, she can escape in a fantasy world or better yet, she can read it out loud with you.

Give her a modern version of your grandma’s instant camera. Snap sexy nude photos in the bedroom without fear of them ending up on the internet for grandma and the rest of the world to see!

When paired with an indulgent massage, scented massage oils can be very erotic. Wrap them in a personalized coupon book of sensual massages that he can redeem anytime he needs to relieve a little “tension”.

Unleash his naughty fantasies when you slide a red whip or a pair of handcuffs into his stocking.

Show him just how fun safe sex can be. Not sure if you like lambskin or latex, textured or glow in the dark, strawberry flavored or vegan? Experiment with them all, there’s sure to be a condom out there that you’ll both enjoy.

Why use your words when a pillow can say it for you? Put out a cute heart pillow and only he’ll know that you’re in the mood to get a little frisky.

For the couples who are looking to take their passions beyond the bedroom, this chic and elegant vibrator with a wireless remote is the perfect gift that will certainly satisfy you both.

Put away the boring board games this holiday season. Sexy dice are for the more adventurous who like to leave their fate in the hands of chance.

The only problem about luxurious red satin sheets is that you may never leave the bedroom again!

This year fill the stockings with naughty and nice presents that you both can enjoy!

The Sovaettes