The SOVA Guide to Sexy Slang

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 1:00 AM

From Honey Pies to Sugar Bunches

Turns out slang pet names are good for our relationships too. We use "insider" slang and pet names in relationships as a way to laugh with each other when times get tough. In a study of 100,000 participants by sociology professor Pepper Schwartz, there was a correlation found between pet names and relationship satisfaction. "Among people who said they were in 'very happy' relationships, 76 percent reported using pet names.

Smashing it with 2016 Slang

We've come a long way from “making whoopee,” here are some slang terms for the modern age to work into your sexy slang vocabulary.

Historical Slang

This of course isn't the first year sexy slang was invented. Slang has been documented around the world for hundreds of years. There are a thousand ways to say penis and vagina, and some of these terms are even found in Shakespeare's plays. For example, in Henry IV a "hundred mark" is used as a synonym for penis and a "house" is used as slang for vagina.

The Language of Love

No one said that you had to limit your sexy slang to English, try these hot international phrases next time you're in the boudoir.

Emoji Slang - Eggplants & Peaches

No sexy slang guide would be complete without the preferred communication method for the modern age – emoticons! Here are some common emoji used for your favorite body parts:

Now if you want to text without words to flirt with your partner, try one of these sexy combos:

Do's and Don'ts

Do have an open conversation with your partner about what kind of sexy slang or dirty talk turns you on. There may be certain words you find offensive or you associate with swearing, and not in a good way. The best approach is to give them positive feedback about what you like and then lead into words or phrases you'd rather they didn't use.

Don't hold back! No one said you had to limit sexy slang and dirty talk to the bedroom, try handwritten love notes, sexy texts, and whispering in your partner's ear telling them what they can expect when you get some alone time.

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Have fun getting dirty!
-The Sovaettes!