Tips for Parents: How to Keep an Active Sex Life After Having Kids

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 1:00 PM

Whether you have babies, teenagers, or even boomerang Millennials, we know that finding the time and privacy to maintain an active sex life with your partner is an ongoing challenge. And let's face it, even if you do have a few minutes to yourselves, who has the energy? If you're like half of the population, you're likely to be skipping or avoiding sex because you're just too tired.. You have kids, so obviously at one point in your marriage, you had the desire and the drive for sex. How do you rekindle that spark and sneak in a few romantic trysts with your spouse in between working and taking care of the kids? Here are a few tips we hope will put your sex life back on track.

Work Together

Are you taking on more of the childcare duties than your spouse? Psychology Today suggests "if your sex life is suffering, take a look at how you and your partner share the work of parenting." Recent research has found that when childcare responsibilities are split down the middle, both partners are more likely to experience emotional intimacy. With emotional intimacy comes a better sex life and a more satisfying relationship.

Make a Date

You put your visits to the dentist in your calendar, why not set aside time in your day for a sex appointment? We know it sounds pretty unromantic to pencil in your love life. But trust us, scheduling intimacy will show you and your partner that a satisfying sex life is a priority.

Be Creative

Just because you get a sitter, doesn't mean you have to go out. WebMD advises being creative and getting a babysitter for an hour or two to take your kids for a long walk. Or, send them out for ice cream with grandma and grandpa. It won't be long before you're getting a treat of your own!

Make the Kids Bedtime, Your Bedtime

At least one night a week, forget the laundry and tomorrow's lunches and hit the sack the same time as your kids. But before you do this, put away your devices. (Sova personal devices are the exception of course!) This will give you quality time to reconnect with your partner without being connected to the outside world. And if you happen to fall asleep before getting intimate that's okay too. "Healthy people who have good sleep patterns are going to be more open to being sexual."

Practice Gratitude

What if we told you that research shows that "more grateful people are more satisfied with their relationships?" Did you know that the simple act of practicing daily gratitude has been shown to increase your well-being and happiness? But how do you "practice" gratitude? The goal is all about making gratitude second nature. First, take the time to examine the things your partner does for you and for your family, no matter how small. Second, express those feelings whether in person, in a quick note, or even in a text. You'll soon find your partner expressing his or her gratitude too.


When you focus on ways to promote your physical health, you may just discover that you have more energy for sex. "What some studies suggest is that people who are fit and active have more sex than sedentary people." What some studies suggest is that people who are fit and active have more sex than sedentary people So why not choose quick workouts that can also improve your sex life? Check out these five sexercises to help boost your sex drive.

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