Sova's Guide to Being the Perfect Bridesmaid

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 1:00 PM

Your best friend or favorite cousin has just asked if you'll be a bridesmaid and you've graciously accepted the honor. What's next after saying yes to a pastel chiffon dress you'll never wear again? Whether this is your first wedding party or your twenty-seventh, we have six tips to put you on the path of being the best bridesmaid ever!

Start Saving Money

Being a bridesmaid is not cheap. From the bridal shower gift to the perfect "updo" there are a lot of expenses associated with being part of a wedding. Time magazine estimates the average cost at a whopping $1,324. If you're strapped for cash and truly can't afford it tell the bride in person immediately. Nothing's worse than a last minute bridesmaid cancellation. Then offer to do something for her you can afford, like going dress shopping followed by lunch and mani-pedis.

Step Up Whenever and Wherever You're Needed

Being a bridesmaid is not cheap. From the bridal shower gift to the perfect "updo" there are a lot of expenses associated with being part of a wedding. Ask the bride-to-be how you can best help her, and don't complain to the other bridesmaids when you don't like your assignment. Whether it's picking up flowers on the big day or offering your spare room for out-of-town guests, the best bridesmaids do whatever it takes to pitch in. This also means lending your ear when she needs to vent or your shoulder when she needs a good cry. When her stress level is at an all-time high, and she's edging dangerously close to bridezilla territory, try taking her for a run or hike followed by a relaxing massage at the nearest spa.

Who doesn't love dancing the night away at a wedding?

But every bridesmaid knows that the best part of her job is planning (and attending!) the bachelorette party. Just make sure to follow the #1 rule in bachelorette party etiquette - the theme of your party should suit the personality of the bride-to-be. If she's looking for something a little more upscale or unique, check out these eight classy party themes.. Whatever you do, just make the last party she'll have as a single woman one she'll never forget.

Come on, Celebrate Good Times!

A wedding is supposed to be a celebration, not a walk across hot burning coals. Do your best to lighten the mood and keep the bride laughing. Keep her blood sugar up by making sure she's eating throughout the day. Most importantly, run interference between the bride, crazy relatives, and minor mishaps. She doesn't need to know that the flower girl just stuck her hand in the wedding cake or that a groomsman forgot to pack his dress shoes. Hopefully, once the festivities begin, she'll be having too much fun to notice the cake or a tennis shoe wearing attendant.

Speech, Speech

The maid or matron of honor is the general manager of the bridesmaids, planning and hosting the bridal shower, coordinating the bachelorette party and helping to make sure big day goes off without a hitch. No pun intended! If you're like most people, you're flattered to be chosen to this esteemed position, but absolutely dreading giving a speech. There's no shame in being nervous about public speaking. To overcome your anxiety, WebMD recommends first visualizing giving the speech, then practicing "over and over again." What makes a great speech? Start by speaking from the heart. Then tell a funny story about how you met the bride and share why you think the groom is her perfect match. End with a touching quote from her favorite poet, movie or book.

Don't Forget the Honeymoon

If you really want to be the perfect bridesmaid, you can also do something extra special by packing the bride a honeymoon gift bag. Embroider her new married initials on a tote bag and fill it with towels, sunscreen, snacks and if she's on the daring side - remote control vibrator designed for partner play

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