As Women

We deserve to feel fulfilled in all aspects of our lives.
When it comes to sexual pleasure and intimacy, we often deny ourselves this.
We shouldn't be ashamed to desire the best.
We shouldn't be ashamed to explore the limits of our imagination.
At Sova, we believe in feeling satisfied. Physical satisfaction is an essential part of being a woman and one that can't be placed on the back burner anymore. Let's stand up and not ignore it, but embrace it. We developed Sova so every woman can experience euphoria at her fingertips and embrace her natural sexuality. Starting now, let's confidently allow ourselves to love our bodies while indulging in the pleasures we deserve.

It's time to seduce your imagination.
It's time for Sova.

Sova RC100 Me Myself and I

Me, Myself & I

This tiny, yet oh-so effective, device provides great internal and external stimulation. Make time for a spark, make time for excitement and most of all make your passion your priority with THE ME, MYSELF & I vibrator for women.

Sova RC300 CommandO


Discover your own satisfaction or guide your partner to take your enjoyment where your imagination leads you. THE COMMANDO is for women who desire the very best in remote vibrator pleasure at your fingertips, anytime you need it.


The Multi

For multiple desires, cravings & passions, The Multi vibrator has different shapes & stimulation points to hit the right spot at the right intensity for you.